Be very careful who you deal with when financing a tea room

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Be very careful who you deal with when financing a tea room

Postby MICHELLEA » Feb 21st, '08, 16:59

My mother opened a tea room in 2004. It has been a struggle from the closing of the loan, when the bank they were dealing with changed everything they had originally agreed upon, so make sure you get everything you do in writing. My mom built a completely new building. She had researched and planned for over four years. Most of her china, furniture, etc. had already been paid for over this time. She poured her heart, soul, and her entire savings into this project, but because of the hardship the bank caused she did not have the working capital to hire the help she needed to continue. Her health and that of my stepfather has gotten worse over the last four years trying to run it without the proper help. This tea room has been a blessing to so many people over the last four years, and it is a terrible shame that she is having to close. You can see the tea room and reviews of it on TeaMap. Please be careful of who you deal with. It has caused my mom to lose her business, her health, and her dreams.


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Postby tenuki » Feb 21st, '08, 17:42

Sorry to hear about this Michellea. Two comments...

1) Please do not use all caps. On the internet this is considered equivalent to yelling at someone and I don't think that is what you intended.

2) Your tale is an excellent caution. However, anyone who needs to be told to beware of financiers or are shocked by it probably should not consider going into business.

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Postby Mary R » Feb 21st, '08, 18:52

I did go back and retype Michelle's message without the excessive capitalization. The text remains the same...though I cannot say the same for the punctuation. Sorry! My editor self couldn't help but make a couple minor changes.

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