Adagio Teas gets a Facelift!

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Adagio Teas gets a Facelift!

Postby Amanda » Nov 7th, '06, 10:41

We launched a new version of our site late last night!

New tea photos, updated interface, fresher look ;)

What do you think? Let us know!

Happy browsing,

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Postby Samovar » Nov 7th, '06, 10:52

I love it! It looks brighter and more up to date!

The close up pictures of the tea leaves are very helpful.

Great job, Adagio! :D


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Postby teamuse » Nov 7th, '06, 11:54


i really like it, very clean and still easy to navigate, very cool!

i also like the close up pictures of the leaves

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Postby Chip » Nov 7th, '06, 12:32

...excellent close-up leaf photos yet retaining the ease of navigation. Great job.

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Postby Guest » Nov 7th, '06, 13:09

Nicely done - especially the icons and beautiful tea close-ups. Navigation is excellent


Postby klemptor » Nov 7th, '06, 15:22

Very nice!

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Postby LavenderPekoe » Nov 7th, '06, 16:58

Very nice, but, I think you need to remove the custom blends link. There isn't a picture and it just redirects you to the home page.

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Re: Adagio Teas gets a Facelift!

Postby karia » Nov 8th, '06, 01:49

Amanda wrote:We launched a new version of our site late last night!

New tea photos, updated interface, fresher look ;)

What do you think? Let us know!

Happy browsing,

i know that i would completely and totally love it IF i could still buy the japanese tea sampler.. but since its gone from the list, i am just going to pout. :cry: :cry:

otherwise, it looks AMAZING, very shiny, very nice!

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Postby Joshua » Nov 8th, '06, 10:25

Love it.

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Postby TeaFanatic » Nov 8th, '06, 17:43

I am really impressed, I haven't been back to the site in awhile, and when I came back I was excited by all the really good pictures of the tea. I think that adagio has the best website of any other company.

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Postby Madam Potts » Nov 9th, '06, 14:32

Yes! I noticed the face-lift...great job - it's more lively!

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Postby Carnelian » Nov 9th, '06, 17:12

Yay! I like the facelift, more cohesive. Though its a little harder to navigate on the family computer since mom won't let me increase the screen size from 800x600.

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Postby diffuse » Nov 10th, '06, 09:34

beautiful! i like the close-ups. well done.

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Postby daughteroftheKing » Nov 11th, '06, 17:56

Looks great! I appreciate that Adagio is always working to keep the site appealing and easy to use.

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It's not without bugs, but it's a very, very good site

Postby stugel » Nov 16th, '06, 17:57

Keep up the good work!

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