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good book

Postby cyenobite » Jan 17th, '06, 12:20

I too enjoyed this book. I got this with my first order, and being a new adagio/tea drinker this book helped me understand and appreciate tea a lot more. As mentioned above, the only thing I felt was missing was the actual processing of the tea leaves and I would have liked more information on the making of the various flavors. (I'm currently sampling 4 white teas, and would love to know what sepearates these various flavors - added ingredients, or is it just the processing?)
Anyway, nice work, and I look forward to the next book.
By the way, my compliments to the design team/person. Nicely laid out, nice photography, and paper choice.

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Postby Josh » Mar 21st, '06, 01:59

I brought the book with me on family trip down in L.A. this weekend and enjoyed it in-flight and before going to bed at my hotel. It was nice to pick it up, read for a few minutes and then put it down with those slick built-in bookmarks (some call them part of the cover).

I agree with what others have said. The photography and layout is top notch and would look a lot better at a larger size...say 8.5"x11" Some charts here & there would be nice and some more in-depth information about green tea and production methods would be great.

By the way, you guys should totally take some pictures of the insides of Adagio so we can see what your operations look least the parts you can show off without giving away "trade secrets" I just want to see a giant wall of tins...

Keep up the good work Chris, you guys run a tight ship.

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Postby eflesher » Apr 25th, '06, 14:30

I have now received 3 of these and what an interesting book it was. I have given one to my grandmother for her birthday and one is going to my mother for Mother's day. Consquently they both have received IngenuiTea sets as well. Thanks for making this book as it makes such a great gift!

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great book

Postby fuzz429 » Jan 16th, '07, 16:37

I ordered the starter set that comes with the book and im happy to say i feel i have so much more knowlede about tea now.

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