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Postby Chip » Aug 27th, '08, 15:14

Chip wrote:Great, but I have one small problem, how to change the address. There is only one address option in my profile and it is not mine.

I would like to create a wish list, but now I wonder what Adagio even considers to be my addie?

There is no option to add a new address as primary.

I figured I would use a gift cert I have and create a new addie for myself by ordering. I entered the currect GC# and pressed Continue, but it would not continue w/o adding my CC# even though the GC is worth more than the purchase including shipping.

So, a roadblock unless I want to add my CC# for an order that does not need a CC.
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Postby soapy » Aug 27th, '08, 16:40

I know this is new and I'm sure a few bugs will need to be worked out but wondering

is there a reason why can't add any of the tea of the month clubs?

and yes the same true here

this is under my wish list

Double Mint 4oz
chocolate chip sample
valentines sample
christmas sample
pomegranate sample
wuyi ensemble 4oz
ti kuan yin 4oz
casablanca twist 3oz
Mint Chocolate 4oz
ingenuiTEA infuser
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but this is under my name

Michelle F
18 favorites|0 wishes
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Postby PolyhymnianMuse » Aug 27th, '08, 17:33

I may very well be the first person to recieve a gift from the wishlist! Yay for me :)

I recieved my gift from Aphroditea today. I wasnt expecting it this quick and it was deff a surprise even though i knew i was getting it :P

I have two small things to address. The actual order was perfect and packaged well. When I look at the invoice that I got, the frequent cups reward program seems to be her information because I only currently have 14 (and still do so I wonder if you even get these for purchasing gifts for people.) The other thing, although pretty understandable and not that big a deal to me, the last part has this thing that reads "Please enjoy this sample of our Zodiac Series..." but there wasn't one in the box.

Other than that, everything seemed to have worked out great!
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Postby ilya » Aug 27th, '08, 17:53

chamekke wrote:The favorites/wishlist counts may also be a bit buggy.

When I log in, I see my own name at the top of the Tea Friends List:

Chamekke E
4 favorites | 0 wishes

Now, I actually have 6 wishlist items (and 5 favorites) at the moment, but they are not being reflected correctly.

Here's the one for Victoria:

Victoria O
3 favorites | 4 wishes

When I go to her profile page, I see that she has 13 favorites and (this part is correct) 4 wishlist items.

Here's another example:

Shane W
0 favorites | 41 wishes

On his profile page, he has 1 favorite and 41 wishlist items (but the Wishlist "tab" shows 38 items).

I honestly don't know how critical it is to have reliable counts on either the homepage or the profile page. Anyway, thought I'd pass it along.

I just switched the code last night and changed it from XX teas to XX favorites. I have updated the page to reflect not only teas, but teaware as well.
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Postby teaforleelee » Sep 20th, '08, 00:35

I know this may be a bit late, but can I try the wishlist? :)
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Postby chamekke » Sep 20th, '08, 11:14

teaforleelee wrote:I know this may be a bit late, but can I try the wishlist? :)

I think it's available to everyone now. When you open the webpage for a specific Adagio tea (e.g. Silver Needle), you should see a little "wish list" button to the right of each item in the tea sizes/prices list. When you click on one, that item should be added to the Tea Wish List panel in the navigation bar on the right side of your page.
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Postby caligatia » Sep 20th, '08, 12:59

I think you have to be logged in the the Adagio site to do it. Setting up an account is easy, though.
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