black tea and fruits

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

black tea and fruits

Postby amburana » Dec 9th, '07, 17:25

Hi everyone
I am new in the world of tea, I am from Peru in southamerica, and I am interested in introduce loose leaf tea in Peru.
We would like to comercialize a mix of fruit (mango, pine apple, apple, camu camu) and black tea.

Actually i need some tips, as the differents qualities of black tea avalaible in the market.
It will be great to help me to find my tea belong the big variety of black teas. Thanks to give me a cost idea too.

In the other hand if you know some export and import companies which can supply the tea. could be really helpfull.........

thanks a lot

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Postby skywarrior » Dec 10th, '07, 02:27

I don't know any importers other than the standard ones who do wholesale. You may want to look at Adagio who runs this site for listings of different types of teas. I think they do some wholesale stuff, but I can't be sure.

There are a lot of teas out there that already have flavors mixed in. Most are mixed with a ceylon-type tea.

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Postby divintea » Dec 10th, '07, 09:22


Welcome to the community, and how great of you to take on such a wonderful task!

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