Eun Moo (Cloud and Fog) on the liquor

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Re: Eun Moo (Cloud and Fog) on the liquor

Postby tingjunkie » Jan 13th, '12, 00:08

TIM wrote:
tingjunkie wrote:
TIM wrote:If you heat up good soy sauce to almost a boil and pour into a good pre-heated hagi bowl. You will see the C&F too. Soy Qi :lol:

You jest, but I had a soy and ginger marinated Spam Musubi today which made me food drunk. Big time sleepy Qi.

MSG qi bro :lol:

Nah, it's that Itis Qi!
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Re: Eun Moo (Cloud and Fog) on the liquor

Postby needaTEAcher » Jan 13th, '12, 03:22

Nah, it's that Itis Qi![/quote]

That's what you see when you boil a triple bacon cheeseburger with donuts for bread.
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