Name my Pu, please

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Name my Pu, please

Postby Roughage » Nov 30th, '11, 10:54

I was just given a couple of beengs of Pu by my father. He had picked them up in China but was not clear about where he got them. Can anyone help me with what they are? I would also be grateful if you could tell me something more about what all the writing on the box means. I am assuming that the writing on the lid is a story of tea but have been known to be wrong before! Anyway, I hope these pics are not too large. I can change them if need be.


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Re: Name my Pu, please

Postby bryan_drinks_tea » Nov 30th, '11, 15:26

It's a 2006 year Shu (cooked) puerh. below the logo on the cake, the last three characters say 'old tree tea' which most likely isn't true. Other than that, I wish I could tell you what it says, but I can't. However, I want to thank you for using 'please' in the title, seriously. You don't know how many people I've seen on this site making commands instead of requests. Again, thank you for the consideration.

Happy Tea Drinking!


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Re: Name my Pu, please

Postby the_economist » Nov 30th, '11, 15:42

The front wrapper reads:
"Ancient tea horse road old tree tea"
"Impressions of ancient city"

Tea is sold by a company in Lijiang, supposedly produced in Menghai, and as Bryan said, is a shu pu (the picture of the cake looks shu too).

The wordy wrapper from the first picture gives reasons to drink pu.
Three main reasons:
1) Health benefits (surprise surprise)
2) Soothing/calming
3) Cultural significance, represents harmony, generosity etc etc.

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Re: Name my Pu, please

Postby bearsbearsbears » Nov 30th, '11, 15:44

It's a shu pu'er cake by Nanqiao Factory. It looks like it's one manufactured for a tourist tea shop in Lijiang, which is a popular spot in Yunnan for tourists. Specifically, a tea shop located at #75 Old City Square in Lijiang.

Top: 茶马古道老树茶 = Tea Horse Road Old Tree Tea
Middle: 古城印象 = Ancient City Impression
Bottom: 丽江古城四方茶庄监制 = Lijiang Ancient City Square Tea Village Manufacture
勐海县南峤茶业有限责仼公司出品 = Menghai County Nanqiao Tea Industry Limited Liability Company Product

Also, the one sheet is an uninteresting marketing flier enumerating "Reasons to drink pu'er tea"

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Re: Name my Pu, please

Postby Roughage » Nov 30th, '11, 16:16

Thank you, chaps. Your help is much appreciated.


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