wrapping paper

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wrapping paper

Postby gasninja » Dec 14th, '11, 11:22

I'm sure every one has this problem the paper wrapper of your cakes or bricks just shreds from use. I am currently trying to find some nice paper preferably hand made for rewrapping cakes and especially bricks as the wrappers for these are usless after opened. Any Ideas? I have gone to a few craft stores locally but have not found exactly what I am looking for.

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Re: wrapping paper

Postby G-off-re » Dec 14th, '11, 14:16

I wrapped mine in sumi-e/brush painting paper from chinatown art store. Most art stores sell some form of it. The ones from Asian stores tend to be better though since they're offered in thicker and larger sizing.

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Re: wrapping paper

Postby joman » Dec 29th, '11, 21:12

Just use thin paper bags.
I've been storing my tea this way for years and it works great. I unwrap my teas, fold the wrapper with the nei fei in it, and put it in with the paper bag. The ones from my pharmacy are really thin so they work great. Then just fold over the top and write the name and date of the tea on the flap.

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Re: wrapping paper

Postby Drax » Dec 29th, '11, 22:32

Hrm, interesting....

Did you ever have any luck, gasninja?

I was thinking just the other day that coffee filter paper seems like it would work well if it were bigger...

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Re: wrapping paper

Postby joman » Dec 30th, '11, 19:27

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Thought you might think the paper bag idea a bit odd so here's a shot of one of my shelves full of bings. They age quite well and I always check first to see if they have a strong scent. Another way I keep the wrappers more pristine is to use bing sized baskets.

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