Difference in 2004 Xiaguan Te Ji tuos

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Difference in 2004 Xiaguan Te Ji tuos

Postby Drax » Jan 16th, '12, 09:58

I was curious if anybody knew the difference in a couple of tuos from Xiaguan, other than their packaging. They're both listed as 2004 "te ji" grade.

This one comes individually in a box... the price here is a bit over-the-top; I think Hou De has/had them for ~11-18 each.

Then there's this one, which comes in the usual 5-in-a-bag.

Is there any difference here in the actual tea?
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Re: Difference in 2004 Xiaguan Te Ji tuos

Postby JakubT » Jan 16th, '12, 11:51

Hi, I've heard tell that the boxed version is better (I've had only the boxed 2004). However, I do believe that the price is much more than just a bit over the top. For $18 you may get 2003 Xiaguan Jia Ji, which is way better.
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