Conditioning maocha/chunk of bing that is too dry

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Conditioning maocha/chunk of bing that is too dry

Postby teaisme » Jun 13th, '12, 16:23

I was thinking, a two layer container, relatively air tight, bottom layer has water and bamboo charcoal, separated by a layer with holes so vapor has lots of room to move about, top section has a saucer with leaves/chunks spread out evenly

Maybe after a day or a few the puerh would gain some moisture and would be better to drink?
Would this added moisture help smooth out the dryness in taste or does it take prolonged wetter storage to ease the dryness?

Thanks! :mrgreen:
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Re: Conditioning maocha/chunk of bing that is too dry

Postby Bryan_drinks_te... » Jun 13th, '12, 22:35

Prolonged humidity will definitely ease the dry flavor. Take the 2000 Fu Hai Brick from Jing - Dry, yes? Well, upper 70's and low 80's humidity over the period of four months has changed it into a more mellow, less dry feeling tea, though the effect is slight. it's one option, though, and i'm sure many others will have their say. Good Luck. :D
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