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Re: Red Lantern Tea

Postby mr mopu » Jan 25th, '14, 10:44

AllanK wrote:
Drax wrote:Given that AllanK originally posted his concern 4 months ago, perhaps it would be more appropriate to ask him at this point whether his order arrived or not?

The items were eventually delivered, after about two months. I had already received a refund from Ebay because they did not track until 35 or 40 days. I paid the seller the amount for the items minus the shipping fee (he agreed to this as he wanted to keep his 100% positive feedback record) as I had already received a refund well before the package tracked to prove it had been shipped.

I later learned the seller uses a courier to ship his items to Hong Kong. It is just possible the courier was extremely slow to move the items to the post office in Hong Kong. Perhaps the courier spent three weeks celebrating and forgot to ship the item. Whatever the reason, the items were delivered something like 55 or 58 days after they were shipped. He does not use the better E-Packet shipping but the slow China Post, perhaps the former is too expensive from his part of China.

Once I finally got the items they were very good teas, I will give him that. As a rule I prefer Berylleb for the shipping speed but might consider Red Lantern for something I could not get elsewhere, but not during the Chinese holiday season and not if another order took 40 days to have active tracking, that is why we pay for tracking.

Berylleb will source items too. If you ever need something they don't carry contact me and I will get them to get the info for you.
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Re: Red Lantern Tea

Postby MEversbergII » Jan 27th, '14, 10:45

Man, a week or two long holiday? How does anyone afford that!

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