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Puerh Tea Web Links

Postby AllanK » May 2nd, '14, 23:53

The program Firefox recently erased all my bookmarks due to an upgrade as they call it or a downgrade as it was. Now I have lost about a year and a half of collected links. It seems to me we need one thread where we name bookmarks specific to Puerh Tea and Puerh Tea Wares. I will list a few I remember.


Hopefully other people will be nice enough to key in the links they remember. I had about thirty collected links I now can't remember or am not sure of. Hopefully, everyone will now hear of a website they never heard of before. This way the links will be collected where our internet browser companies can't destroy them due to their upgrades.
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Re: Puerh Tea Web Links

Postby TomVerlain » May 3rd, '14, 07:48

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