Scented/flavored Pu?

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Postby odarwin » Oct 27th, '08, 21:41

hi guys!
just something to share about flavored pu erh...
goring up in a chinese family, i often hear my parents and aunties say these...

ju-pu cha(mandarin) or kok-bo cha(cantonese) in chinese is chrysanthemum-pu erh tea, this gives a slight cooling effect to the body, as pu erh is a bit neutral to warm, and chrysanthemum is cooling, so it will balance their effects out... thus in hong kong, people usually order this tea during dimsum in the summer time...

as for rose and pu erh, i dont know how its called but im not aware of any cooling or neutral effect... but its more of a fragrance effect... just to balance out the "off" flavors of some pu erh...

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