A cardboard box and the slow death of my pu's

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Postby puerhking » Nov 22nd, '08, 11:13

PolyhymnianMuse wrote:
puerhking wrote:You guys make a good point about the kitchen. However I have kept some in this location for two and a half years with no problem. Its very strange. The box is in a cubby hole so I doubt airflow is the problem. On the other hand its the same cardboard box for all this time. I am stumped. None the less they have all been removed from that location. The box is the only thing that seemed to make sense though it may very well not be the cause.

To what extent do you imagine the box actually effected it? Do you think it has something to do with the box itself or just the fact that they were in the box and its more the "atmosphere" inside the box?

Yeah like orguz said I would be concerned about any solvents, chemicals, glues etc. that would "gas out" over time...creeping into the cakes.

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Postby puerhking » Nov 22nd, '08, 11:17

orguz wrote:Could be the material that your cardboard box is made of, perhaps made with recycled paper or not acid free, was it used to ship fruit which had residual chemicals left over trapped in the box.

The cardboard box imparts smells too when it absorbs moisture, maybe these odours are re-absorbed by your cakes. I went to Ikea bought one of their rattan/wicker made baskets and store my cakes in there. I have a humidifier going in the room where they are stored, that only goes up to 60% rh though.

This was just a convient location.......I have a puimidor of sorts that I keep most of my cakes in......now all of them. But the wicker basket is a good idea.

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Postby orguz » Nov 22nd, '08, 16:53

this is a good link regarding storage, funny thing is that cloud uses cardboard boxes :P http://www.cloudsteacollection.com/html ... 017_e.html got that from Teadrunk forum.

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