Chi ?? Hui Gan ?? Che cose?

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Chi ?? Hui Gan ?? Che cose?

Postby expatCanuck » Nov 22nd, '08, 09:42

New to pu.
Rough translations or a pointer to a glossary would be welcome.

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Postby Janine » Nov 22nd, '08, 09:47

hmmm... don't know how the previous message happened like that.


Permit me to introduce you to a website designed by Lew Perin:

Try it :-)

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Postby heavydoom » Nov 22nd, '08, 11:37

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Postby Janine » Nov 23rd, '08, 00:54

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Postby PolyhymnianMuse » Nov 23rd, '08, 01:09

heavydoom wrote:

Here you can find a link to a thread dedicated to translations of a lot of the characters you will find in the world of pu, along with lots of general information.

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