Jing Tea Shop Cooked Puerh 1998 CNNP Grade 7

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Jing Tea Shop Cooked Puerh 1998 CNNP Grade 7

Postby tjkoko_off » Jan 12th, '09, 10:39

From JTS I received a 7g sample of said tea. In a gaiwan with a capacity of 120ml, would the brewing ratio be, as with oolongs, 1.5g loose tea per 50ml? And what's the initial brewing time for this tea?
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Postby Manatoa » Jan 12th, '09, 13:01

I'd use it all. Do two fast rinses and then let the leaves stand (dry) for a minute or so to let them bloom a bit. After that start your steeps. The first few should be instant. Water goes into the gaiwan, stir once with the lid, pour. If you go any slower you'll just get sludge.

You could also separate the sample into halves and brew them longer, but I think that many very short steeps is usually better. If you go the 3.5g route, I'd still pour off the first steep instantly just to see how strong it is. If it's weak go to 10-20 sec for the second and so on. Shu puerh infuses very quickly for the first few brews and usually tastes better a little on the thin side than over brewed.
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Postby Salsero » Jan 12th, '09, 18:33

Manatoa wrote: I'd use it all.
Me too. Plus I am generally more aggressive brewing shu than sheng.
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Postby hop_goblin » Jan 12th, '09, 20:59

Rule of thumb, 1gm for every 30ml of water. However, I generally go a bit more with aged pu.
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