Too small?

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Too small?

Postby teaskeptic » Apr 25th, '09, 20:16

Since old pu is so expensive, it makes sense to brew it in small pots. Is there a limit to how small is too small? I remember reading that 150ml is ideal, but I don't really see why it would matter, nor do I remember where I read it.

Is 90ml too small? 80?

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Postby thanks » Apr 25th, '09, 20:47

Personally I think 100ml is just right, although sometimes I'd like a 60ml. 60ml is enough for two cups, and I think a perfect size for when you have a sample of some expensive tea. The hardest part is finding a 60ml that has thick walls and a base, although I think Tea Gallery has a fantastic one;

I say I think because I do not own this particular item, but I've heard nothing but good things. I think it's important to note that if it's pu'er, you definitely want thick walls to retain heat better, but for lighter teas like greens and whites, etc. then Jing Tea Shop has a fantastic thin walled 60ml gaiwan here;

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Postby teaskeptic » Apr 25th, '09, 23:40

I'm not so much concerned about the practicality of getting the liquid to fit properly into cups. I'm just wondering if anything is lost by using less of the tea (but keeping the same ratio of tea to water).

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Postby hop_goblin » Apr 26th, '09, 14:12

I use a pot that 100ml in size for old sheng. Smaller pots are not uncommon. If you are worried, and dont want to buy a new pot, just cut the water volume in half. Nothing in the rules in not filling a pot all of the way. After all, its mostly the clay when it comes to using Yixing.

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