Tea noob from TN

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Tea noob from TN

Postby mckenderson » Oct 7th, '12, 11:45

I am a tea noob, but I am hooked on tea. Growing up in the South, I've drank sweet tea for a while. And once in a while, I'd get a Chai tea latte from a famous coffee shop. But a few months ago, I made the switch from Coke to tea as my morning dose of caffeine. I tried to have a Coke-free day, and drank a cup of Twinings' Irish Breakfast tea. The day went really well. :) Needless to say, tea has become my drink of choice.

Since then, I have gotten hooked on tea. I've gone from drinking 1 Coke every morning to drinking it maybe 2 times a week, if that. I have a cupboard stocked at home, and a small box at work stocked with various teas. Irish and English Breakfast Teas, Earl Grey, Chai, and various Green teas are kept in stock.

My tea knowledge/selection is pretty much limited to the Twinings and the Tazo brands, as they are stocked at my local grocery. I'm looking to add some different brands for a little variety. Variety is the spice of life. :)
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Re: Tea noob from TN

Postby Chip » Oct 7th, '12, 11:52

Welcome mckenderson to TeaChat. You certainly came to the right place to "expand your horizons" on finding great tea! We have mega topics on all types of teas for you and also vendors.

Enjoy your TeaJourney here, I am looking forward to seeing you around the forum. :mrgreen:
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Re: Tea noob from TN

Postby teaisme » Oct 8th, '12, 17:44

Hello there! :mrgreen:

If you don't feel like stepping into loose leaf teas and all the possible accoutrements and brewing methods that come along with it all....
http://www.denstea.com/accessories-finu ... 6_150.html

You'll find buying loose leaf tea, then putting them in teabags yourself a lot more tasty and wholesome, and if shopped wisely, cheaper then $4/15-20 bags grocery store tea.

Teahome on ebay has good cheap oolong that would work well. About $30 for roughly 300g. Yuuki-cha has some good roasted bancha for $7/100g.
These would do very well in those tea bags, steeped casually with suitable water for tea.
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