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New to tea

Postby Leftea » Feb 1st, '11, 20:13

Hello! I'm Leftea and am new to the world of tea. I got hooked by the samples at Teavana and am now happily exploring. So far I tend to gravitate toward stronger teas like blacks and chai but I do have a few whites from a local shop (literally down the street, how lucky am I?). I just bought a cuisanart kettle with variable temperature settings and the perfect tea maker from Teavana (thank you heavenly sale for giving it to me for $10). I also just scored 8 tea tins from World Market ($2.49 each!) that are super cute!

I'm hoping to get a beehouse teapot from the little shop down the street. It's called Todd and Holland, anyone know it?

Suggestions on what I should get? I'm a bit overwhelmed by adagio's selection and by the wall of tea at Teavana (I know they're not the greatest but it's a start). Like I said, I prefer strong tea but have been gravitating toward flavors. I just got Teavana's Matevana and Haute Chocolate and I love the spice tea from T&H and I've been known to add a bit of sugar (well, splenda) to my tea but I have been needing less and less of it.

Sorry the post is a bit fragmented, it's kinda like my thoughts on tea at the moment...I may have TeaDD (instead of ADHD).

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Re: New to tea

Postby teaisme » Feb 2nd, '11, 17:17

hi welcome to tea chat!

are you looking for just suggestions with adagio and teavanna or are you willing to venture out and explore other vendors?

I'm a big fan of tea plain, and dont care so much for flavoured teas.
Do you have interest in trying out blacks, greens, oolongs etc plain or is flavoured tea more the path you want to go?

There's a flavoured tea section on teachat in case you haven't noticed yet.

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Re: New to tea

Postby Chip » Feb 2nd, '11, 23:37

Welcome to the world of TEA and TeaChat, Leftea! Hope to see you around the forum.

There are so many teas out there that it can be overwhelming! Try getting samples when you can. Adagio has nice samplers! You get around 4 teas with each one.

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Re: New to tea

Postby AlexZorach » Feb 4th, '11, 12:56

Hello and welcome!

I'd encourage you to try lots of different companies too, they all have different strengths and weaknesses. My personal favorite is Upton Tea Imports, but it depends on what you are looking for.

I recommend buying from companies with sample sizes if possible: both Upton and Adagio (as well as numerous other vendors) have good sample sizes: reasonably priced, large enough to get a feel for the tea but small enough that it doesn't matter much if you don't like the tea.

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Re: New to tea

Postby TEAroma » Feb 4th, '11, 13:55

try as many as you can and try to not add any sugar into your tea. remember as long as you like the taste, that is good tea to you. good luck!

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Re: New to tea

Postby rabbit » Feb 4th, '11, 15:39

And so it begins...


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Re: New to tea

Postby nonc_ron » Feb 6th, '11, 11:40

ImageHope to see you around the forum. Image

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