Hi from Ireland!

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Hi from Ireland!

Postby musketeer » Feb 3rd, '11, 05:41

Just joined, hoping to learn loads!

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Re: Hi from Ireland!

Postby Chip » Feb 3rd, '11, 08:24

Welcome to the forum musketeer! Hope to see you around, join in the fun and let us know what's in your cup in TeaDay. :mrgreen:

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Re: Hi from Ireland!

Postby AlexZorach » Feb 4th, '11, 12:57

Hello and welcome!

Do you like the stereotypical strong black Irish-style tea? Or do you like it all? =) I grew up in a family that mostly drank strong black tea for breakfast, but they did seek out high-quality stuff, and now I'm hooked and have expanded into all sorts of things.

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Re: Hi from Ireland!

Postby rabbit » Feb 4th, '11, 17:05


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Re: Hi from Ireland!

Postby nonc_ron » Feb 6th, '11, 11:33

musketeer wrote:Just joined, hoping to learn loads!

ImageSounds like work,
If you didn't know it 's fun.

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