Hello from Utah!

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Hello from Utah!

Postby greentam » Mar 8th, '11, 19:29

Hi guys! I've been interested in tea for just a bit now. I have always had an appreciation for food items that are traditional, but always changing. (cheese, alcohol, tea, you name it!) I came here to learn some more from awesome tea people like yourselves!

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Re: Hello from Utah!

Postby Herb_Master » Mar 8th, '11, 20:25

Cheese and Alcohol sounds like music to my ears :D

Welcome to teachat :P

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Re: Hello from Utah!

Postby Chip » Mar 9th, '11, 00:54

"Traditional" is a pretty wide open food group after watching Bizarre Foods and No Reservations. :lol:

Welcome to TeaChat. I am hoping to see you around the forum.

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Re: Hello from Utah!

Postby grimbasement » Mar 24th, '11, 19:04

Just a quick hello from another Utah teachatter... Not a lot of local tea shops around these parts but at least we have th interwebz.

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Re: Hello from Utah!

Postby greentam » Mar 25th, '11, 03:27

Well hello! I'm glad to know there's someone else from this state on here! Yes, I have to agree about the lack of tea shops. It's really too bad!

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Re: Hello from Utah!

Postby Windy_City_TeaCup » Mar 25th, '11, 07:44

Hello there! There are a lot of tea masters here that would love to share their insights and expertise. I have learned a lot already and I'm fairly new.

Look forward to your posts!

Cheers (of tea or alcohol) :)

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