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Hello and thanks

Postby SteveBoyd » Mar 19th, '11, 16:34

Hey everyone, I recently stumbled across this forum and fell in love. It is so nice to find a place where people are so knowledgeable and helpful, i'm learning a lot here.

A little about myself. I love my hot drinks and take them serious. I love bold strong flavors. My first passion has always been coffee, with tea very close. I got into loose leaf teas around a year or so. My current brewing vessel is a similar product to the ingenuiTEA brewer. I am looking into purchasing some sort of pot (still don't know what) because i'm finding the plastic holds flavors when I switch the teas up.

I mainly drink flavored greens, along with various black teas, and have just found a taste for oolong. I also like matcha but haven't managed to get a system down for it yet. I get my tea from TeaOpia(I haven't known better until now), next time I need to restock my stash I think I will be ordering from Adagio.

I am interested in getting some quality greens, and possibly some pu erh with proper vessels to brew in. I think I have been going about it wrong because I rarely get more than two infusions, and even then the second one is often weak.

That's enough for now, I should really go read some old threads ;)

Until next time,
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Re: Hello and thanks

Postby Chip » Mar 20th, '11, 00:49

Hello Steve and welcome to TeaChat! I am looking forward to seeing you around the forum.
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