Hello from Las Vegas

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Hello from Las Vegas

Postby Alanoyes » May 3rd, '11, 19:02

Hi. I've been lurking for a while and decided to join.

Well, I've been drinking tea for a little bit over two years now but started drinking loose leaf tea about a year ago. I have only had loose leaf green, pu-erh and black tea. I don't care for black tea too much and usually just stick to green. I've been drinking Chinese teas but would like to try some Japanese greens. I would also like to try a good oolong. I only have a tetsubin teapot and a gaiwan right now but I have been thinking about getting a kyusu but I do not know what kind I should get. Suggestions are welcome. :mrgreen:

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Re: Hello from Las Vegas

Postby iannon » May 3rd, '11, 21:09

Hello and Welcome,
A gaiwan is gonna do you right for most of what you want I am sure..although admitedly I dont have one :? I use a smallish porcelain kyusu as a "gaiwanesque" replacement ..but anyway.. for japanese deeper steamed senchas a Tokoname Kyusu is really the way to go IMHO. One with either a good sesame filter or stainless mesh one. artistic nippon is a good choice for good quality hand made "Artisan" type tokoname kyusu. For more "standard production" type ones most of the japanese vendor websites carry ones that would be more than sufficient. Like o-cha or Rishi or Yuuki-cha and many others

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Re: Hello from Las Vegas

Postby Chip » May 8th, '11, 17:55

Greetings Alan, welcome to TeaChat. We are looking forward to seeing you around the forum!

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Re: Hello from Las Vegas

Postby SlientSipper » May 15th, '11, 19:33

Oh hey I'm from Vegas also.

nice to meet you.

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