Hello from Southern California!

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Hello from Southern California!

Postby Bambi » Sep 19th, '11, 13:36

I'm not new to tea, but I'm relatively new to good tea, I'd say =P For instance, I've always liked oolong teas. I used to buy them in teabag form from cheap Asian grocers, but one day I tasted a whole leaf Wuyi oolong (Da Hong Pao), and well...I couldn't go back to the cheap bagged kind :lol: Since then, I've become really interested in exploring the world of tea! I'm looking forward to learning more and tasting more, and am open to suggestions for getting started.

Is anyone else from Southern California, particularly the Orange County and Los Angeles area? I'd love to know where you buy your teas :)
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Re: Hello from Southern California!

Postby teaisme » Sep 19th, '11, 17:46

Hi :mrgreen:
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Re: Hello from Southern California!

Postby debunix » Sep 19th, '11, 19:25

Hello from an LA tea lover!

I buy some of my teas at Wing Hop Fung, in LA Chinatown, and have often enjoyed their Big Red Robe AKA Da Hong Pao. I've also gotten nice teas at Chado, although their selection is mote focused on flavored teas and Assams than the nicer chinese oolongs. I've gotten Hankook Korean teas at Chaseongwan in Koreatown too, but mostly I buy my teas online, for selection and quality that is harder to find locally, especially since Tea Habitat's brick & mortar store closed.
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Re: Hello from Southern California!

Postby wyardley » Sep 19th, '11, 22:17

I live here, and you'll find that there are quite a few of us here on the board. Personally, I rarely buy tea leaves locally - most of what I get is mail order.
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Re: Hello from Southern California!

Postby Chip » Sep 24th, '11, 08:03

Hi Bambi and welcome to TeaChat! I am looking forward to seeing you around the forum! :mrgreen:
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