Saludos from Cuba

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Saludos from Cuba

Postby grwcm » Oct 16th, '11, 23:33

Hi, folks! My name is Gilberto and I live in Havana, Cuba...which is more coffee country than tea territory! I am originally from Mississippi, USA and grew up drinking sweet iced tea...which I think my folks put in my baby bottle. But as a college student I drank lots more tea than coffee because it was easier to steep in my dorm room. I discovered the joys of Caribbean coffee from a friend in Puerto Rico and of course, I love the Cuban stuff. But I've never abandoned tea.

While starting out on Lipton bags, I now mainly drink breakfast blends with lots of Assam, such as English and Irish tea. I just bought, but haven't yet tried some Assam from Upton's. And I have just purchased, but not yet received, 2 Yixing teapots which I'm looking forward to seasoning and using. This forum has been a great source of information for me and I really enjoy the sometimes lively exchanges. Take care and God bless!
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Re: Saludos from Cuba

Postby teaisme » Oct 17th, '11, 14:57

grwcm wrote: Take care and God bless!

Welcome! And the same to you.
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Re: Saludos from Cuba

Postby Chip » Nov 2nd, '11, 13:49

Hola y bienvenido!

Hope to see you around the forum.
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