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Hello everyone

Postby oolongtforme » Jan 7th, '12, 02:34

Hello, my name is Randall and I've been drinking tea for several years now, but i'm still fairly new to tea. I prefer darker oolongs and oriental beauty but i have been expanding into wuyi oolongs and really enjoy them. I do most of my tea making gong fu style and have gotten alot of great tips here just reading through other posts. Any recommendations are welcome.

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Re: Hello everyone

Postby iannon » Jan 7th, '12, 11:02

Welcome to the forums Randall! glad to "see" you. Yancha has been my favorite tea-of-the-season as well. get ready for an exciting journey there! whew

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Re: Hello everyone

Postby Chip » Jan 18th, '12, 14:27

Welcome to TeaChat ... sorry for the late welcome. Hope to see more of you around the forum! :mrgreen:

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Re: Hello everyone

Postby teaisme » Jan 18th, '12, 17:23

+1 late welcome !

oolongtforme wrote:but i have been expanding into wuyi oolongs and really enjoy them

me too man, been enjoying some from jingteashop lately. good stuff, not to mention their other oolongs as well

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Re: Hello everyone

Postby oolongtforme » Jan 28th, '12, 01:39

I placed an order with jingteashop, but i think it was delayed with the holiday :( , can't wait to try it though. I've also ordered from norbu and seven cups to get a better idea of what kind of yancha i like. So far they have all been pretty good quality teas, some are definately not for me, but everyone has a different idea of what tastes good. :D

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