hi from melbourne

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hi from melbourne

Postby kobold » Apr 2nd, '12, 19:27

hi teachatters! i experimented with teas when i was younger, but later on i was happy with random teas and brewed mostly herbs, some of it from my garden or picked from the wild. i started exploring chinese teas again with my interest in probiotics, specifically kombucha.

at the moment i am stocked up on hei, shu, oolongs, whites and to some extent greens and am drinking my way through all the different types, looking for some long term favourites. also trying to learn about sheng more so i can do some long term investments (investment into my palate :-)). i have five brand new jixings, two gaiwans and figuring out the pairings slowly.

i am still brewing kombucha and water kefir with different teas and having a lot of fun; usually, i have three or four different blends going at the same time.
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Re: hi from melbourne

Postby Chip » Apr 2nd, '12, 21:00

Hi and welcome to TeaChat! I hope to see you around the forum.

Have a great TeaDay! :mrgreen:
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