Hello from Eastern Tennessee

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Hello from Eastern Tennessee

Postby Tennessee Dave » May 11th, '12, 08:06

I am very new to fine teas. In fact after only knowing Lipton, Tetley and the occasional Republic of Tea, I ordered a few from Adagio's and had my first fine tea experience last night. My first taste of fine tea was Anhui Keemun. The aroma alone told me instantly that this tea was different . Wow! Following Adagio's brewing suggestions the first infusion was for 3 minutes and produced a deep red brown color. I tasted a bit of smokiness, some kind of dark fruit and some flintiness. Excellent experience. The second infusion was for 5 minutes. Again just superb though a bit of the smoky flavor had subsided. Neither infusion produced any bitterness. A great experience overall and it left me with wanting to try everything now. I can see that this is going to be fun. I have a Yixing pot and a gaiwan on the way and am I eager to learn all that I can. I am looking forward to my other 2 teas that I ordered from Adagio (yunnan Golden Curls and formosa pouchong) and trying many others as well. Glad I am here.
Tennessee Dave
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Re: Hello from Eastern Tennessee

Postby teaisme » May 11th, '12, 13:51

nice picks dave,
keemun, boazhong, and yunnan blacks are all very solid and drinker friendly teas, hard to go wrong with these three styles of tea.

If smoke is your thing maybe try...lapsang souchoung
http://www.adagio.com/black/lapsang_sou ... 77c5840f1c

Yummm one of my favorites esp on a chilly night.
Welcome to teachat!
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Re: Hello from Eastern Tennessee

Postby MIKE_B » May 12th, '12, 13:27

This is a great place to learn about fine tea.
...and to cultivate a healthy obsession.
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Re: Hello from Eastern Tennessee

Postby iannon » May 13th, '12, 01:44

Welcome from another from East Tenn
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Re: Hello from Eastern Tennessee

Postby BioHorn » May 13th, '12, 23:31

Greetings from a former Greenbacker.
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Re: Hello from Eastern Tennessee

Postby Chip » Jun 6th, '12, 22:07

Please pardon my late welcome! Glad you joined us and hope to see you around.

Have a great TeaDay.
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