Hello from Leicester, England.

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Hello from Leicester, England.

Postby kittylovestea » Nov 17th, '12, 08:01

Greetings fellow tea drinkers *waves*. My name is Kayleigh and I am 24 from Leicester.

I am a newbie to this forums but not a newbie to the wonders of tea. I am fairly well known on steepster.com under the name ch3rryprinc3ss where I have reviewed over 200 teas. http://steepster.com/kayleighdavies
I also have a new blog http://kittylovestea.wordpress.com/

I have a love for pu erh, jasmine green pearls, black Yunnan tea's and many more. My mood depends on what I feel like drinking and I find myself loving a different type of tea each month. This month it has been oolong :)

The reason I am joining this forums is to speak to other like minded folk and hopefully to make friends. Also even though I am not new to tea I do still consider myself to be in the learning stage as there is always something new to learn and to pass them down to people just being introduced to tea.

Not sure what else to say for my introduction so if you wish to know anything else please feel free to ask :)

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Re: Hello from Leicester, England.

Postby MacGuffin » Nov 17th, '12, 09:10

Nice to have another member of the fair sex, Kayleigh! And BTW, I'm a fan of Nothing but Tea--they have some very interesting offerings I haven't seen elsewhere. I especially like "Antlers d'Amour." :D

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Re: Hello from Leicester, England.

Postby sencha » Nov 17th, '12, 20:39

Welcome to TeaChat! We're glad to have you here :D

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