Green as Tea

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Green as Tea

Postby TeasandPeas » Feb 19th, '13, 18:09

I am such a noob it's not funny. Previous to two days ago, all I drank was Tetley Orange Pekoe bags. This past Christmas, my brother gave my dad some loose leaf Pumpkin Chai, Genmai Cha and Blueberry from David's and on a visit to my parents' this week I tried them all then started researching. Today I went to Teavana and bought my first loose leaf. I got a blackberry green and a Chocolate Banana herbal. I find the herbal a bit weak. Do they tend to be that way? It smells amazing but not much flavour. I tried using more tea and steeping almost 10 mins and still not much flavour. The other one is good but I think I'll try something not fruity next time cuz it reminds me of neocitran. Might be better iced. But I don't mean to be negative I am excited to learn more and can't wait to go shopping again!
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Re: Green as Tea

Postby debunix » Feb 20th, '13, 01:04

TeasandPeas wrote:Today I went to Teavana and bought ...a Chocolate Banana herbal. I find the herbal a bit weak. Do they tend to be that way?

Herbal teas can be strong or weak, depending on the ingredients and how you brew them. I've never bought any tea from Teavana, so can't speak to their specific brews, but when I was first learning about tea, I drank a lot of celestial seasonings herbal teas, and eventually started making some of my own herbal blends. If your herbal tea, or any tea for that matter, starts out too weak, you can make it stronger by (1) brewing longer (which you already tried); (2) using more tea; and (3) using hotter water. If the brewing longer is more than a minute or two, it's usually better to work on the tea/water ratio.
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Re: Green as Tea

Postby Chip » Feb 20th, '13, 12:33

Welcome TeasandPeas to our forum. Have a fun TeaJourney here on TeaChat! :mrgreen:
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