Hello from Florida

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Hello from Florida

Postby CowboyDan » Mar 5th, '13, 23:17

My name is Michael and i've made the switch from coffee to tea about 6 months ago. I'm looking to drift away from buying from teavana now that i have "some" knowledge about tea.

I'm a fan of japanese green tea.

I'm basically looking to gain even more knowledge on the subject, be a part of the forum, and buy some new teas.
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Re: Hello from Florida

Postby Chip » Mar 6th, '13, 12:45

Welcome CowboyDan! Looks like your choice of Japanese greens agrees with mine! :mrgreen:

In fact, just getting ready to brew some sencha! Have fun on the forum and be sure to check out all the topics under Green Tea!

I am looking forward to seeing you around.
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Re: Hello from Florida

Postby watsonholmes » Mar 16th, '13, 10:40

Hey Michael,

I was instantly peeked by the title of your post because I have family who lives down in Florida. I actually bought my steeper from Teavana mostly because I needed one and I was at the mall at the time. I feel a little guilty using it to brew stuff from Adagio :lol:. Anyways I just wanted to say hi and what not.
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