Hello from Dublin, Ireland!

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Hello from Dublin, Ireland!

Postby mcrdotcom » Sep 15th, '13, 08:16

Hey everybody! I'm Robbie! I love tea and I hope to learn a lot here! I currently don't know a lot, I've only been a serious drinker for a few months! So I will welcome all advice as my TeaChat time progresses! :)

My favourite teas are Pu-Erh, White and I think Oolong (haven't tried many, but the general variation in the ones I have make it seem like a fun type of tea)!

I'm currently trying to get my head around Chinese styled tea, so I haven't tried any Japanese green tea or anything thus far (I did get a mini tea block of rice tea in an assortment pack a while ago that was nice though)

I don't think loose leaf tea drinking is big in Ireland so it's hard to find good tea merchants locally and/or other tea enthusiasts!

Well that's me! Hope to get to know you all and contribute as much as I can :D

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Re: Hello from Dublin, Ireland!

Postby debunix » Sep 15th, '13, 12:19

Welcome! You've found a great place to learn and share your experiences about all kinds of tea. Even those of us who live in places with some local shops specialising in loose tea often end up buying most of our teas online, from specialty tea merchants, most of whom are happy to ship tea internationally.

My favorite class of tea is definitely oolong, which does have an incredible range from the floral and delicate green styles to the deep earthy spicy Wuyi rock teas. Enjoy your tea journey!

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Re: Hello from Dublin, Ireland!

Postby Evan Draper » Sep 15th, '13, 20:59

Hey Robbie, welcome aboard. My mother-in-law was hanging out in Dublin for a while--too bad she just got back, or you two could have gone Chinese tea hunting together. (I've spoiled bad tea for her.)

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Re: Hello from Dublin, Ireland!

Postby Chip » Oct 19th, '13, 23:15

Welcome to TeaChat mcrdotcom! Please enjoy your TeaJourney with us.

Hope to see you around the forum!

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Re: Hello from Dublin, Ireland!

Postby bes » Oct 20th, '13, 03:38

I miss Dublin (I used to go there for work occasionally and spent an entire summer there one year). It's a small world though, I recently ran into someone who's Uncles run Gibney's in Malahide (I lived near there).
Though I was more into coffee at the time, I seem to remember at least three stores selling loose leaf in the downtown when I was there. They were mostly selling blended blacks though. Mostly everyone I know does buy most of their tea online as well. Anyways, Welcome!

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