Greetings from Atlanta!

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Greetings from Atlanta!

Postby Roswenthe » Dec 27th, '13, 18:26

Hey y'all!

I've been browsing this forum for a couple days since I found it and decided to join. I found the thread on Teavana rather illuminating, and decided I wouldn't shop there anymore because of it. I already felt uncomfortable there, and the thread just clarified why.

I'm an avid tea drinker. I'm trying to give up soda completely, and coffee is too acidic for me, plus, it's just not my favorite thing. I drink all types of tea, and I'm interested in the health benefits of tea. I have some health issues, and I feel a lot better drinking tea. I'm also a full-time novelist, so I tend to drink a lot of tea for energy and mental clarity, especially in the morning. Right now, I'm drinking a lot of hot tea, but I also like iced teas, and I tend to mix things together when I make pitchers of iced tea depending on mood and activity needs.

Most of my friends and family are coffee drinkers, so I don't always have people to discuss tea with. Glad to find others like me!
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Re: Greetings from Atlanta!

Postby Chip » Dec 27th, '13, 20:17

Welcome Roswenthe to TeaChat!!!

So glad you found us, and I am looking forward to seeing your TeaJourney progress. :mrgreen:
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