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Hey Everybody

Postby DavidM » Jan 9th, '14, 01:34

Hello all,

I'm David and live in Des Moines. I've recently become more interested in loose teas. My first loose-leaf teas were from Teavana (which I probably shouldn't have mentioned given the sentiments of some forum-goers here) and I've recently ordered a few samples from Adagio (Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast, Black Dragon Pearls, Silver Needle, Gunpowder, and Jasmine Phoenix Pearls). There's also a local tea store here in Des Moines that I'm planning on visiting soon.

I've been doing quite a bit of reading on tea and different preparation methods and am looking forward to learning more here on the boards here.
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Re: Hey Everybody

Postby Teaism » Jan 9th, '14, 03:28

Hi David

Welcome to the tea world!
Happy New Year!

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Re: Hey Everybody

Postby miig » Jan 9th, '14, 08:42

Hi David,

as someone who's also quite new to this forum, I welcome you none the less. Expect a ton of interesting ideas here, I certainly got them!

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Re: Hey Everybody

Postby Chip » Jan 9th, '14, 11:00

Hello DavidM and welcome to TeaChat!

Please enjoy your TeaJourney as you learn more about tea along with us. It is a lifelong process. :mrgreen:
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Re: Hey Everybody

Postby nrstooge » Jan 11th, '14, 17:12

Welcome David - I'm in West Des Moines and if I'm making a green for just me, I use a gaiwan, black teas I use a teapot with a basket since those are my "go to" teas. But, a good ceramic teapot will do you well. DO visit the store over by the capital. They are very helpful and have a good range of teapots, etc. :)
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