spiced ice tea recipe

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spiced ice tea recipe

Postby cmelrah » Dec 8th, '07, 00:30

Just returned from South Florida where I visited the Cauley Square Tea Room. I had the most wonderfull spiced ice tea and am trying to duplicate the recipe. I would appreciate any suggestions from anyone who has also had this tea.

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Postby Chip » Dec 12th, '07, 03:11

Sorry, can't help you out, but welcome to the forum! So, what is in your cup anyway?

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Postby Wesli » Dec 12th, '07, 03:28


Just add your preferred spices to a tea, then ice it!

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Postby skywarrior » Dec 12th, '07, 11:43

Never tasted it. What kind of tea/spices does it have?

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Postby Trey Winston » Dec 12th, '07, 12:15

Heh, I read your heading as "spiked iced tea" and thought "hey, great idea" (or not).

Anyway, welcome :)

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