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From Russia with love

Postby RussianSoul » Feb 11th, '08, 16:34

Hello all!

I am a new addition to TeaChat. I joined with a bit of technical difficulty, but Ilya and LavenderPekoe helped me, and here I am. Thank you, Ilya and LavenderPekoe!

I grew up on strong black Russian tea, and that was nearly all we drank back then. I emigrated to US 20 years ago and found no good tea to drink in those wonderful grocery stores. So I drank Twinnings tea bags and felt sorry for myself. But, I thought, if no good tea is the price of freedom, I am willing to pay it.

A few months ago a friend invited me for real tea, and I learned that quality tea can be found online! I don’t have to drink bad tea to pay for freedom!

I have now a collection of about 10 loose leaf blacks, 2 tetsubins, bone china cups and an order of 8 samples coming from Adagio. I have a curious eye cast towards greens and matcha. You know how it goes.

Anyway, this is my story. Good to be here!
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Postby LavenderPekoe » Feb 11th, '08, 16:59

Hi RussianSoul! I'm glad you finally got everything worked out. :)
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Postby osadczuk » Feb 11th, '08, 18:30

Welcome. What part of Russia are you from?

My family hails from far western Ukraine.

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Postby Chip » Feb 11th, '08, 19:38

Hi and loved your story. I enjoyed your wit. Welcome to TeaChat, enjoy the wealth of information and the TeaFellowship.

Make sure you stop by TeaDay, located under Teas. Share what is in your cup and partcipate in the daily poll and discussion.

Great tea in the free world!!!
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Postby Tsukiko » Feb 11th, '08, 19:47

Welcome to our lovely little forum ^_^ Glad that you decided to become part of our tea family.
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