Hello from Rockwall!

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Hello from Rockwall!

Postby leoandoreosmom » Feb 22nd, '08, 20:11

I was looking for monthly tea clubs and found this site. I am glad that I came here. I have placed my first order and am anxiously awaiting the mail truck.

I am pretty new to "good tea". I have been sticking with what I could find at the grocery store that was organic. However, I wanted to do something a little bit special for me and I have put it off way too long.

In case you are wondering, Leo and Oreo are both cats. Leo is a mixed breed long hair. He is 11 now. Sadly, Oreo is waiting for Leo and me over the "Rainbow Bridge". However, I still think of myself as their mom

Oh...I forgot...my favorite tea (currently) is Jasmine Green. I also loved a "Honeydew Oolong" from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I found it in LA the last time I was in California.
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Postby Eastree » Feb 22nd, '08, 20:25

Welcome to the forum!

Cats ... they so easily become family.

What teas do you most enjoy?
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Postby Cinnamon Kitty » Feb 22nd, '08, 21:46

Yay! Another cat person! Welcome to the forums and enjoy the teas.
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Postby osadczuk » Feb 23rd, '08, 00:43

Cat people rule!

Welcome to the forum.
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Postby Chip » Feb 24th, '08, 15:42

osadczuk wrote:Cat people rule!

Welcome to the forum.

I have to agree, being partial to CatWoman myself. :wink:

Welcome to TeaChat, stick around and share some cups with us on TeaDay.
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Postby tissigirl » Feb 24th, '08, 17:20

I'm a cat person as well. Tissi is my cat of almost 15 years old. I had another cat, Cocoa, who was almost 16, but sadly I had to put her to sleep about 8 months ago.

Glad to know there's so many of "us" on here :D
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