Hello from Minnesota!

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Hello from Minnesota!

Postby Kikilynn » Oct 5th, '08, 11:51

Hi, all! I have been a fan of TeaChat for a while now but I never had any real incentive to join. That all changed when I made my first purchase from Adagio and was blown away with the quality! I wanted to share my love for tea and especially my appreciation for Adagio with others, and what better place to do it than here?

A little about me... I am a college student from the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I am working toward a four-year degree, majoring in business and minoring in photography with the hopes to own my own photography business after I finish school. I have worked with libraries for a while now and would LOVE to get my masters in library science and find a lovely library job somewhere close to home :)

About two years ago I was introduced to the world of tea by a friend who brought me to the Tea Garden in Minneapolis. Over the last two years, I have expanded my knowledge about many different kinds and forms of tea, but I would say I still have a lot to learn. I have a passion for learning, and I hope I can use you guys as a tool to educate myself :D
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Postby olivierco » Oct 5th, '08, 11:56

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Postby Victoria » Oct 5th, '08, 11:59

Welcome, glad you have joined us!
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Postby Carnelian » Oct 5th, '08, 17:02


Yay Minnesota!!!
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Postby Chip » Oct 14th, '08, 11:34

Kikilynn, welcome to the forum, sorry for the late hello. I hope you share many cups of tea with us in your TeaJourney! Please visit us on TeaDay by clicking here.

Be sure to share some photos too!
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Postby Shelob » Oct 14th, '08, 11:59

Hi, welcome and glad you joined us! Lovely intro!
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Postby Salsero » Oct 14th, '08, 12:09

Oofda, there's getting to be quite a contingent of current and former Minne-snow-dans on the forum, doncha know there. Have you checked out TeaSource in St Paul and St Anthony?
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