Hello from NY! (not really upstate...midstate?)

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Hello from NY! (not really upstate...midstate?)

Postby toastedtoads » Oct 14th, '08, 08:23

Hello all. My name is Sarah. I've already been lurking (and posting a bit) in the puerh forum, but I figured I'd introduce myself here.

I actually currently work for a tea company but my interest has been starting to wander outside of the tea and teawares I can get at work. Specifically I am interested in puerh because we really don't have a selection at all, and oolongs just because I know there is far more out there and I'm only getting a piece. Because of the two types of teas I have started seriously researching, I am now very interested in gong-fu brewing and all the fun accessories that go along with that.

Other than that I have a one year old chocolate lab, a loving boyfriend of 9 years and an obsession with the color orange.

I look forward to getting to know you guys, especially the pu heads. ^_^
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Postby Salsero » Oct 14th, '08, 09:07

Welcome, Toastedtoads. I have noticed your new face and endearing screen name. Good to have you on board.
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Postby Victoria » Oct 14th, '08, 09:34

Welcome from the West Coast!
A perfect time for you to join us as our Puerh board is HOPPIN'
Glad you joined us!
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Postby olivierco » Oct 14th, '08, 10:59

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Postby Shelob » Oct 14th, '08, 11:01

Hi and a very hearty welcome to TeaChat.... the best forum around! I am a newbie who also lurked for quite a while. Thanks for introducing yourself, an informative intro :) .

You can check me out at Hi I'm Here. Hope we get to share many cups together.
I luv chocolate labs..luv chocolate too! I have 2 cats, Mordor and Sencha my baby.
Hope to talk with you soon.
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Postby Chip » Oct 14th, '08, 11:37

Hi toastedtoads and welcome to the forum. I am hoping your pu does not taste like toasted toads. :wink:

I see you found TeaDay! Please be sure to share what is in your cup with us AMAP.

I think Chocolate is my fav lab. You don't see many of them around, making them more special.
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Postby UncleIroh » Oct 14th, '08, 15:40

hi, and welcome. i'm a new recruit too. figured it was time to join the conversation. everyone here has been very welcoming and friendly. looking forward to reading your posts!
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Postby eor1122 » Oct 17th, '08, 07:23

welcome from another New Yorker!!
I'm glad to have a 'neighbor' here
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Postby Trey Winston » Oct 17th, '08, 08:17

Welcome :D
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Trey Winston
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Postby Vulture » Oct 17th, '08, 08:24

Trey Winston wrote:Welcome :D

I think I have failed my spot check.... and my listen check! *ignores ninja*


You should explore signature blends and our fun black teas... yes I said fun. :P
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Postby leiche » Oct 17th, '08, 13:36

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Postby AmyRoseM89 » Oct 17th, '08, 14:33

yay!! so nice to meet you! welcome welcome!
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Postby chamekke » Oct 17th, '08, 16:07

Hello and welcome!!
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Postby silverneedles » Oct 17th, '08, 16:47

Hi Toastedtoads :)
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