Another Newbie to this Forum here....

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Another Newbie to this Forum here....

Postby TeaLightful » Dec 3rd, '08, 23:14

:D Hello All,

I am new to the Forum but not new to tea. Well, that is teabags. I like Ceylon Tea Company as well as Tazo. I especially like 1000 Nights (Ceylon Tea) -my husband and I have a cup almost every night. I've never Tried loose tea, but after reading the reponses to another "newbie's" post I am definitely going to try them.

I read in a magazne about someone loving rooibos in a creme au caramel flavor. Does anyone know where I can get this tea? In bag form if possible because I like to also take tea to work.

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Postby Vulture » Dec 4th, '08, 00:07

Adagio Rooibos Caramel is good but I don't know how close it is to what you are looking for. Its loose leaf though but you can also get the 'fill it yourslef' teabags on adagio as well.

And V'elcome!

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Postby Victoria » Dec 4th, '08, 00:13


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Postby horsencl » Dec 4th, '08, 01:06

TeaGschwendner also makes a really good cream caramel rooibos. I tried a sample of it and I absolutely loved it.

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Postby Goose » Dec 4th, '08, 08:13

Welcome to Teachat!

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Postby auggy » Dec 4th, '08, 09:49

No idea on the rooibos as I haven't developed a taste for it (nor am I trying to) but anyway, welcome to teachat! :)

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Postby Trey Winston » Dec 4th, '08, 09:52

Welcome, TeaLightful :D

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Postby Chip » Dec 4th, '08, 12:41

It is delightful to have you on TeaChat, Tealightful!

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Postby olivierco » Dec 4th, '08, 12:42


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Postby leiche » Dec 4th, '08, 14:04


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