Hi everyone! :)

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Hi everyone! :)

Postby Joyce » Jan 6th, '09, 20:02

Hi, I'm Joyce Hama. Nice to meet you all! :D

I can't believe I never joined a tea forum sooner. I am literally obsessed with tea.

Also, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to my site in my signature. Other forums that I've joined let people have links in their signatures, but if that's against the rules here, please tell me. Thanks.

Edit: I love how the avatars have the reflection effect.
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Postby Proinsias » Jan 6th, '09, 20:30

Nice to meet you Joyce.

We won't be too hard on you for taking so long to join.
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Postby disillusioned » Jan 6th, '09, 20:31

Welcome to our little tea club Joyce
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Postby Victoria » Jan 6th, '09, 20:32

The signature line is diabled
on this board.
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Postby chamekke » Jan 6th, '09, 20:39

Hello and welcome, Joyce :D What kinds of teas are you most fond of? I hope you will take part in TeaDay and let us know what's in your cup!

About your links question, there is a thread under this forum (Introduction to TeaChat) called TeaChat Etiquette which explains the do's and don'ts for both newbies and "oldbies". The salient section is this one, I think:

6. The discussion of particular tea vendors is allowed, both good and bad experiences provided that the information is factual. False testimonials will be removed. New members with less than 6 posts and less than 30 days membership shall not post links.

7. Vendors may not place links or e-mail addresses on this forum leading to their businesses. This is not a place for free advertising (unless its through word-of mouth of members in good standing).

(I imagine this is meant to encourage genuine participation and discourage "spam" posts from folks who join primarily to try and sell stuff.)

I wish the signature feature did work, incidentally, since I have plenty of funny tea quotes that I would just LOVE to use :wink:
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Postby Joyce » Jan 6th, '09, 21:37

Thanks for the warm welcome. :D

Well since the signatures aren't public, I guess it doesn't matter if I put my site in it. Thanks, guys.
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Postby Chip » Jan 6th, '09, 23:10

Welcome Joyce to our forum. If you look at the bottom of every quote, there is an icon for your www for readers to go to your site. But no sigs. It became a loophole for spammers who figured out they could bypass the automatic anti spam safeguards we built into the forum and just put their links in their sigs instead.

I for one also like the clean read it gives the forum anyway. No sigs to distract the reader which used to be like billboards on this forum.
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Postby Trey Winston » Jan 7th, '09, 04:19

Welcome :D
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Postby olivierco » Jan 7th, '09, 04:52

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