Hello from Los Angeles!

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Hello from Los Angeles!

Postby Sugarmint » Jan 17th, '09, 18:36

I was addicted to coffee for years until my doctor took me off it. Luckily, it wasn't the caffeine that was the culprit. So I found another source of caffeine, tea! It was tough getting over the coffee addiction but I did it. Now, I am a total tea convert. My conversion started when my meditation teacher introduced to puerh. I first tried camel's breath although rose toucha is now my favorite. I'm still very new to tea so if anyone has a puerh suggestion, I'd appreciate it.

In trying different types of tea and different brands, I found out that some brands have a laxative effect on me. I'm pretty sure, it was the brand and not type of tea. Has someone had this same experience? I am really curious to know.

Have a great day/night!
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Postby Sydney » Jan 17th, '09, 18:41

The only way in which I've heard of tea having a laxative effect is through caffeine. Perhaps you've had some strong stuff indeed!

In any event, welcome to good ol' TeaChat. Pull up a stool and have a sip.
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Postby Trey Winston » Jan 17th, '09, 18:59

Welcome :D
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Postby olivierco » Jan 17th, '09, 19:01

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Postby Victoria » Jan 17th, '09, 19:13

Welcome, definitely check out the Pu Erh forum.
I have not found a laxative effect from any tea I have
tired so far.
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Postby Chip » Jan 18th, '09, 02:29

Welcome to TeaChat, sugarmint. Enjoy your TeaJourney and please share it with us.

If you please, visit TeaDay and share what is in your cup.
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Postby Sugarmint » Jan 18th, '09, 05:27

Thanks for all the welcomes!
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Postby Shelob » Jan 19th, '09, 11:33

Hi and welcome Sugarmint!
Hope you enjoy many cups o tea with us 8)
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Postby sheila77551 » Jan 21st, '09, 21:26

Welcome Sugarmint! :lol:
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