Okay to keep leaves in pot all day?

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Re: Okay to keep leaves in pot all day?

Postby dzrogers » Oct 3rd, '12, 08:26

TIM wrote:
wyardley wrote:I think safety-wise, you're probably Ok. I have definitely even left certain teas overnight (without brewing in-between) and brewed them the next day. But you're definitely leaving tea in the "danger zone", so it depends on how safety-conscious you are. Depending on your environment, if you leave it long enough without brewing, you will definitely eventually get mold growth.

What I've been told is that certain teas can handle this and others can't (no one has ever told me any rule of thumb, though). But taste-wise, at least, I think greener, fresher teas don't usually react quite as well to this treatment. I tend to save this treatment for old / rare teas.

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Re: Okay to keep leaves in pot all day?

Postby theredbaron » Oct 8th, '12, 21:51

MarshalN wrote:In my experience it takes two to three days for the tea to start developing a smell that yells "dump me".

It also depends on the climate. Here in humid Bangkok mold develops very quickly, and after two or three days you will not just have a funny smell, but already a fungus garden in your pot.

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Re: Okay to keep leaves in pot all day?

Postby jcov » Oct 16th, '12, 12:05


In my experience I can do this even days apart when dealing with high oxidation Oolongs or Puerhs. Other tea types seem to develop 'weird' tastes over time. The least sensible of the remaining would be black teas which I've been able to 'continue' steeping in a 'next day' continued session. I think this is one of this things that yo have to try several times.

What I'd recommend is that if you ARE trying to leave the tea there and continue later, to make sure you have pour the most water possible out of the pot. Other wise is basically steeping in a small amount of hot water and then over a small amount of cold water while you decide to come back to it. I've found that when this happens (and if you are using a higher quality tea), you can give it a quick wash like you would a puerh or Oolong, and continue steeping.

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Re: Okay to keep leaves in pot all day?

Postby BioHorn » Oct 16th, '12, 15:23

On day 8 or 9 of some aged Yan-cha. Brewing it in a small 80's shui ping. At this point they are overnight brews. Still standing... :mrgreen:

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Re: Okay to keep leaves in pot all day?

Postby MacGuffin » Oct 17th, '12, 09:23

I've done this MANY times and have lived to add my 2¢. I've not noticed any off flavors or aromas either.

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