Bai Ji Guan

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Bai Ji Guan

Postby noname » Sep 30th, '10, 15:39

I ordered some Bai Ji Guan from Dragon Teahouse and it was amazing - very unusual smokey taste, yet not overpowering and nothing like typical Wui DHP (not to say that I dont enjoy those either). Definetly worth the cost. Has anyone ordered similar tea from other vendors? ... 3a506bf6ce

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Re: Bai Ji Guan

Postby Oni » Oct 1st, '10, 14:30

I had my eye on that tea for some time, but I recently ordered Bai Ji Guan from teaspring, I am getting it next week, it looks similar to that of DT, but I saw the imperial grade from Jingteashop looked greener, so I do not know if either Teaspring or DT have the original, but it will be the first time I try this tea, I will try all the SI Da Ming to compare it too.

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Re: Bai Ji Guan

Postby teaisme » Oct 1st, '10, 15:22

ummmmmm looks so good

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Re: Bai Ji Guan

Postby theory » Oct 1st, '10, 19:28

I bought my BaiJiGuan from a teashop that sadly does not have an internet site. I've been looking at the DTH one, I think I am going to order some to compare. I wouldn't describe the one I'm drinking as smokey - should make for an interesting comparison.

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