Sour beauty/braggart tea

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Sour beauty/braggart tea

Postby futurebird » May 30th, '13, 18:40

So, I've been looking for sweet oolong. And I bought some Oriental beauty since it has that reputation. It smelled sweet...

But when I brewed it it as more sour than what I normally enjoy. Not "bad" -- just kind of tangy in a sweet tangerine like way.

Is this normal for this tea?

If not are there any varieties that are more like wu yi teas (which is most of the oolong I drink)

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Re: Sour beauty/braggart tea

Postby wyardley » May 30th, '13, 19:48

I find there's often a honey or malt quality to the tea, or with really nice ones, sometimes a strong perfumey quality. I think there should be some sourness, but I do think it tends to be a fairly sweet tea.

You may want to experiment with different vendors and see if you can find one you like more. Finding a really excellent dongfang meiren is not that easy, though finding decent ones is possible.

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Re: Sour beauty/braggart tea

Postby 茶藝-TeaArt08 » May 30th, '13, 19:53

The characteristics I know to be associated with good Dong Fang Mei Ren tea include a wonderful sweet/sugar that is honeyed, a honeyed sweet that lingers and rises through the mouth into the nostrils. All the good Dong Fang Mei Ren tea I've drank has this quality and is usually not too sour beneath, in fact I experience it as generally very balanced tea. Then again pour/brew method (times, pots, cups, water, etc.) obviously have their effect.

I wish you good luck with the tea!


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Re: Sour beauty/braggart tea

Postby tenuki » May 30th, '13, 19:54

Sounds like stale. Oriental Beauty shouldn't have prominent sour notes as far as my limited experience with it is. Then again, I don't particularly like it - usually too sweet in a cloying perfume way for me. I have found ones I like but those have other problem$$$$$$$.

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