Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

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Do you ... place/store all your teas according to nation and/or region of origin? Or not? Please share.

Yes, by nation
Yes by nation AND region
By Region
No votes
Other, please share
Total votes : 26

Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby chefmike » Mar 29th, '11, 22:15

I just have everything all mixed up in one specific cupboard. Drinking a cup of Matcha right now(not sure from who or when), maybe I should start storing my teas better. :oops:
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby Skippyandjif » Mar 29th, '11, 22:27

Neither. My tea box is woefully disorganized, even more so after I've been having tea with friends. (As in, boxes are at weird angles, upside down, open, etc. :shock: )

Rose congou all this afternoon; waiting on some chunmei green to cool off so I can drink it.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby Chip » Mar 30th, '11, 01:09

I am guilty of TeaSegregation. Countries remain seperated by oceans and Great Walls. Regions I am not hung up on however. But countries are barely on the same planet. :mrgreen: Well, they are on different shelves or units. Gotta keep the pu away from the sencha, donCha know. And yes, by type to a degree ... don't know why I did not include that in the poll.

Began the TD with a trip to the Japanese shelf and pulled out the only sencha left, Organic Sencha from Rishi. As I walked past the Chinese OOlong, I could feel the stares. Brewed up knowing this is just about the end of even this last sencha, served up in a SnowDrift, shared with the Mrs.

Next up, Korean Seijak. These samples from a TCer have lasted a long time brewed in tiny 2 ounce Korean sets.

And finishing the TD with sheng from yesterday.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby debunix » Mar 30th, '11, 01:20

Today, visited several different parts of the tea collection: started with the white tea box, for more Yin Zhen from Jingteashop; then at work, rushed some from the shu pu folder, a dump in tea, add hot water, and hope it remained drinkable from the thermos--a nice shu pu from Wing Hop Fung, still reliable; and now back to the light oolong box for some Spring 2010 "Tsou ma fei" Alishan oolong from Norbu. Hit three tea categories in one day.
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