Tuesday TeaDay 5/17/11 Sam Pulled?

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Xell was wondering, "what size samples do people prefer a vendor to sell?" (not including OTTI!) Please share your thoughts if this varies depending on type of tea.

20 or 25g
No votes
Depends on price
I do not buy samplers
Total votes: 29

Re: Tuesday TeaDay 5/17/11 Sam Pulled?

Postby entropyembrace » May 17th, '11, 16:11

I prefer 10-25g for sample sizes...that lets me get at least two sessions with most teas...I think having enough to give two tries in the sample is important.

I don´t buy many samples though, I usually have a pretty good idea of what I will like or not...but I really appreciate being able to buy small quantities of expensive teas...and I really wish for 25g "samples" of high end gyokuro quite often.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 5/17/11 Sam Pulled?

Postby JRS22 » May 17th, '11, 18:35

Chip wrote:Yeah JRS, where is the cup from? Thanks for coloring our TD!!!

Thanks Nenugal and Chip for asking about the cup. I made it myself in handbuilding class. It's part of a set of prototypes for cups designed to fit my tea pots. I was inspired by a photo of a beautiful cup posted here a while ago that's roundish inside and squarish outside.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 5/17/11 Sam Pulled?

Postby Spoonvonstup » May 17th, '11, 19:54

Agreeing with lots of people here on today's question. It's always best if you can get at least two sessions out of your sample. If it's really interesting, you've got to have enough to invite folks over for round two!

Having some Yabao today at work; it's been sitting in my cup basically all day. I keep adding more water, and it's not giving out. It's a nice tea for the beautiful spring weather outside here in Minnesota.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 5/17/11 Sam Pulled?

Postby Drax » May 17th, '11, 21:55

It sounds like even with a "2 sessions minimum" philosophy, that for different people, that will mean different amounts -- not surprising, given the different sizes of vessels we use.

For greens, I tend to use a 4oz gaiwan, so a 10g sample works for me in many cases.... but I have different sized gaiwans, so I can often adjust to different sample sizes, too.

No tea for me tonight, but had a great shincha and matcha session today at work! :D
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 5/17/11 Sam Pulled?

Postby debunix » May 17th, '11, 23:34

This afternoon, some Da Hong Pao from Norbu (first tried as a sample from a tasting in another forum), and this evening, some Wood-roasted Shui-Xian from HouDe, bought without a sample first. Good stuff all round.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 5/17/11 Sam Pulled?

Postby Chip » May 18th, '11, 01:45

Great TD! Next up, Kurogi Yame sencha from Umami-Chaya. And finishing up with Zhu Ye Qing from a TCer. :mrgreen:
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