Tuesday TeaDay 5/31/11 Tea of the month is ... ?

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It is the end of another month, time to choose your tea of the month. Be sure to share why you picked your tea of the month! 2 votes.

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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 5/31/11 Tea of the month is ... ?

Postby laura99 » May 31st, '11, 17:23

Tea of the month for me was a white. Bai Hao Yin Zhen - 2011 Spring Fujian Silver Needles from Norbu to be exact. I have just started to enjoy Silver needle, and this wonderful fresh tea was just what I was looking for.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 5/31/11 Tea of the month is ... ?

Postby entropyembrace » May 31st, '11, 18:41

green for me...definitely Yamashita Jirushi Gyokuro from Maiko :mrgreen:
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 5/31/11 Tea of the month is ... ?

Postby FlyedPiper » May 31st, '11, 19:49

Mostly greens, iced or otherwise. But some good roasted oolongs on those rainy days we've been having here. Even made some iced high fire TGY a couple of times. Best iced tea ever! :shock:

Gonna be moving away from the oolongs and into the greens with the hot weather moving in.

Iced Maojian from IPT all day today. Wonderful tea. Can't bring myself to drink it hot. The AC is on the fritz and it hit 92 degrees here :( .
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 5/31/11 Tea of the month is ... ?

Postby debunix » May 31st, '11, 20:12

No obvious standout this month--lots of fine tea, and some particularly fine sessions with aged sheng, a young sheng first giving hints of future aged character, a long-opened Alishan oolong that surprised with a very rich and sweet session, and a green tea that took a few sessions to "get". I think I'd have to give the nod to one of those puerh sessions, but don't know which one.

Today, limited access to tea. Enjoyed some leftover white bud sheng puerh, and now enjoying some alishan oolong, alas not as memorable/magical as that one earlier session I mentioned.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 5/31/11 Tea of the month is ... ?

Postby Skippyandjif » Jun 1st, '11, 02:50

It's a several-way tie this month, between gyokuro, hojicha, and the ever-present pu-erh. Since I'm off from school, I have had much more time to drink tea. Huzzah! :mrgreen:

Pu-erh this past morning; a lot of iced green tea this afternoon (I was out walking in the sun for hours, a portion of that time with heavy-ish grocery bags, so I was THIRSTY when I got home); I just gulped down a rose-hip tisane. ...I really gotta get this insomnia thing under control. :lol:
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