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Galileo's Daughter was wondering, "What is the NATURAL flavor aspect/quality you most enjoy/look for in a TEA?

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Postby Mil » Mar 8th, '08, 12:42

I picked smokiness-- not because I expect or want it in every tea I drink, but because when I get a craving for it, nothing else will do.
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Postby Wesli » Mar 8th, '08, 13:28

A difficult question to answer. My all-time favorite is the grassiness found in sencha. But in other teas, I like other things. In white tea, I like bolder flavors and a viscous feel. In pu-erh, I enjoy smoothness and complexity.

I woke up this morning with some Kabusecha and it tasted like candy. You know, candy flavors in tea (as long as they're natural) are excellent.
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Postby tenuki » Mar 8th, '08, 13:43

Wesli wrote:I woke up this morning with Kabusecha.

Good for you! Meet her at a bar last night?
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Postby Chip » Mar 8th, '08, 13:57

tenuki wrote:I like soupy.

LOL...I missed soupy as a flavor aspect or quality...but this sencha I am having is definately soupy!!! Sencha Premium in my cup on yet another rainy day in PA. This sencha is bold, grassy, astringent, sweet, fruity, even a little floral, just depends on which steep.

I was hoping to see a box in my mailbox from O-Cha containing Guricha, no such luck.

WOW, this is a tough call...if I had thought of it, I would have added depth or complexity to the Poll options, I think most of us would have chosen that. But since it is not an option, I am going with boldness...a bold sencha...wOOt. I just expect smoothness and if it isn't there, I won't reorder, but that in and of itself won't motivate me to reorder, tough question, Galileo's Daughter!!!
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Postby TaiPing Hou Kui » Mar 8th, '08, 15:37

There so many different characteristics of various teas that are so enjoyable, but, if I had to pick one, I really like a nice vegetal tasting tea. Feel connected with the plant and its true natural flavor.

*Started the morning off with 2 cups of premium sencha and am currently on my second infusion of some Pu-Erh (2006 Wu's Reserve)

-Nick (TaiPing)
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Postby olivierco » Mar 8th, '08, 16:09

I had this afternoon a nice session with Hatsumi sencha (o-cha): 5 good steeps with the right level of astringency. I think I have found the adequate brewing parameters (according to my taste anyway) for this sencha.

Next a bowl of Kaoru supreme matcha.

I am now ending the day with rooibos.
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Postby splray » Mar 8th, '08, 16:10

tenuki wrote:FP.

I like soupy.

I don't have tea in my cup, just crashing late after listening to some great live punk.

Who'd you see?

I had a nice cup of Jasmine last night, and Oolong this morning.
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Postby Victoria » Mar 8th, '08, 16:11

I choose "other" because it depends on the brew. I do look for BOLD in a black in the mornings.

But most of the time I'd say I like "fulliness" or "body". But if it tastes good, nothing else really matters.

Today I'm having some TenRen's first grade TQY, which sadly is not.

Have a lovely day all!
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Postby Cinnamon Kitty » Mar 8th, '08, 16:11

For me, it all depends on the tea as to what I want out of it. In a black tea, I want it slightly sweet so it tastes good without sugar. In a green tea, I enjoy the grassiness or vegetal taste depending on the tea. For any tea, I think smoothness covers what I look for the most. A non-smooth tea is just not enjoyable.

I am just having my first cup of tea today now. I decided on Fukamushi Maki from Den's to help me write the next section in my paper.
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Postby witches brew » Mar 8th, '08, 16:22

My choice was smoothness, because I expect that in all my tisanes.

I am on my third cup of Rooibos Tropica today. Green Rooibos is most certainly smooth.
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Postby Trioxin » Mar 8th, '08, 16:24

Tough poll to answer, but I went with Astringency.

Currently relaxing with a nice first flush Glenburn before heading into work.
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Postby insanitylater » Mar 8th, '08, 17:23


so far today i had some iced rooibos (leftover infusion from last night) and yerba mate. i think i am gonna make some darjeeling #22 now
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Postby Sydney » Mar 8th, '08, 17:33

I just *destroyed* some darjeeling 22.

For giggles, I followed the instructions on the tin. :shock:
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Postby Cinnamon Kitty » Mar 8th, '08, 17:41

padre wrote:I just *destroyed* some darjeeling 22.

For giggles, I followed the instructions on the tin. :shock:

The instructions on the tin work fine for 16oz of water, though the tea ends up being relatively strong. What did you do to destroy it?
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Postby insanitylater » Mar 8th, '08, 17:50

the other day i steeped it for 5 minutes in a 12oz pot. it was tasty but the second infusion didn't have much flavor

i ended up having lavender sencha instead
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