Saturday must be TeaDay, 3/15/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

You are out to eat, what are you most likely to drink?

Soft drink
Alcoholic beverage
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Fruit Juice
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Postby Chip » Mar 15th, '08, 22:18

Not a very inspiring TeaDay for me...

And continuing in that lack of enthusiasm...Kuki Houjicha from a few years ago. :roll: I wanted another tea and a full throttle caffeine brew was not an option at 10 PM. This has sat on my TeaDrawer since 2005.

So, this is actually not bad. I might order some of this stuff for evening brewing. Hmm, I wonder if I could make my own with some Karigane I have around here. I don't really want to order 100-200 grams of the stuff.

They say this is very low in caffeine due to its consisting of stems and veins plus being roasted.
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Postby scruffmcgruff » Mar 15th, '08, 22:47

I actually haven't had tea for a couple days, but today I made up for it with two back-to-back senchas; O-Cha's "Hatsumi" and Lupicia's "Chiran Yukatamidori." As it is pertinent to the two teas mentioned, it's time for some blatant self-promotion!

My tasting notes

Or, if you don't want to read it, I'll sum up: they're both quite good!
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Postby jogrebe » Mar 15th, '08, 23:20

When I go out to eat I get water to drink, except for Chinese Buffets where its a cheap but drinkable oolong. I figure if its not going to be a good tea, I'm better off saving my money toward another puerh cake or pound bag of a tea that I really like.
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Postby skywarrior » Mar 16th, '08, 01:59

I answered tea because even if it is made poorly, hot or cold, I still drink tea.

Yeah, what is wrong with me? (don't answer that).

Today I've had a sore throat and have been drinking chocolate tea.

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Postby Space Samurai » Mar 16th, '08, 02:09

scruffmcgruff wrote: it's time for some blatant self-promotion!

oooh, me too.

I had two rounds of this Rishi Kukicha today: ... kicha.html

I had some Uji matcha from Matcha Source earlier, and now I think I'm going to drink something black.


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Postby Cinnamon Kitty » Mar 16th, '08, 03:05

Chip wrote:Even the Asian restuarants around here cannot brew tea...they do not seem to make the effort.

Sounds like a great idea, Cinnamon Kitty...Green Tea Day...practice for Monday, St Patty's Day.

The two Asian Restaurants I like to go to actually have pretty good tea. The one by college is a Mongolian Buffet that includes a sushi bar with the price of the buffet. It is less than $10 for the dinner buffet and has free hot tea. I don't know what kind of tea it is, as I generally forget to ask, but it tastes like typical Chinese restaurant tea. The other place is a higher class hibatchi grill restaurant. Their food is absolutely incredible and they always give tea for desert.

That is a great idea, Chip! I didn't even connect the idea of Green Tea with St. Patrick's Day. It makes perfect sense though. A holiday that is associated with the color green definitely requires Green Tea. Now I have a tea plan until Monday!

My Teaday was not overly productive as I only got through two teas, but it was delicious. After the Fuka-Midori was finished, I switched to the Fukamushi-Maki. The need to finish up the teas I got from Den's is going to make the next week or so quite enjoyable.
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Postby Chip » Mar 16th, '08, 03:26

Cinnamon Kitty wrote:The need to finish up the teas I got from Den's is going to make the next week or so quite enjoyable.

Sounds like a most pleasant task indeed!!! Let me know if you need any help.
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